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What are my Options?

Learn more about the different types of adoptions.

Types of Adoption

We receive many questions about the differences in the types of adoptions. Birth mothers and adoptive parents alike want to know what the options are. With modern adoptions there are many different types of adoption – and you can draft your custom plan to specifically meet your needs.

The first choice is usually which types of adoption you will choose to proceed with – a closed, a semi-closed, or an open adoption. With the Law Office of David Radis, you will be able to create your own, unique plan. You can have the opportunity to meet the adoptive family, speak with them, and decide how much (if any) contact you will have with them after your child is placed with them.

All of the adoptive families which work with Mr. Radis will (at a minimum) send pictures and letters to the birth parents until the child is 18. As you watch your child grow, you can see that your child is growing up in the life you had envisioned for them. Many of our birth parents also speak with the adoptive families they choose, or meet them at the hospital. Of course, if you would like to have a more open relationship with the family, we will match you with adoptive parents who will honor your wishes.

Note: Every agency defines closed, open and semi-closed adoption types differently. This is how we define them at our law office.


A closed adoption is when both the adoptive family and birth parents remain confidential. No contact is made either prior to or after the placement of the child. These are the more traditional adoption, however in today’s world, a closed adoption is very rare. With a closed style, we select the adoptive parents, and we will assist with all details.


There are many definitions of an “open” adoption. Typically, what we consider to be an open adoption is the decision to have contact between the birth parents and the adoptive parents both before and after the child is born. This may include phone calls, emails and even visits. The level of contact between the parents is determined by the individual adoption plan. The contact will be maintained by the parents. It is extremely common for regular pictures and letters to be exchanged between adoptive parents and birth parents.


Semi-open adoptions are the middle ground. You will know basic information about each other; the state of residence and first names. Complete contact information, including last names and addresses, will not be shared. There may be contact prior to the birth of the child, and even at the hospital. Once the baby is placed with the adoptive parents, the correspondence between the adoptive and birth parents will be handled by a third party (David Radis’s firm). Letters, packages, and photographs may all be mailed through the firm, and we make sure that all contact information for both parties is kept updated.