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What are the Expenses?

Find out more about the costs involved in adopting a child.

Adoption Expenses

When you make the decision to enter into the adoption process, you begin a very emotional journey. Part of that journey will involve the costs of the adoption. Included in the costs are medical expenses, legal fees, travel costs, and bureaucratic expenses. Often, people are under the impression that international adoption is more inexpensive than domestic adoption; however, each type of adoption is associated with its own type of costs.

Domestic adoptions often require budgeting living expenses for a birth mother. However, international adoptions require the purchase (and ongoing maintenance of) a visa for the adoptive child.

As with any profession, each agency or lawyer that you go to is going to have a different structure set up for fees and payments. Regardless of which adoption agency or attorney you elect to go through, you should carefully consider the costs which you will be asked to pay and the services which you are receiving from them.

Many people ask if they should choose an adoption program that is inexpensive. The answer is this: you should choose a program that is of good quality. Check their background. There are many illegitimate adoption options, and you want to be sure that the process you engage in is completely lawful. Your should consider the quality of service you will receive, safety, cost as well as how much time you will be required to spend in the process.

When you call the Law Offices of David Radis – you will be able to ask as many questions as you need. We will set up a 3 hour appointment with you to go over all of our services in detail. We’ll explain the costs, the waiting times, and the process in depth. You can decide whether or not to put David on retainer after you have carefully considered your options.