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What is the Adoption Process?

Learn more about our process.

The Process

If you are thinking about adopting a child, the Law Office of David Radis, has been handling adoptions since 1976. The following is the general process for adoptive parents. Please read on to learn more.

Step 1: Initial Meeting

When you call us, you will speak directly with David. If you wish, you can set up a consultation (which lasts around 3 hours) to start the process, during which David will answer any questions you have and explain the legalities of domestic adoption, including:

  • Mother’s rights
  • Father’s rights and how they are terminated
  • What your rights are post-birth and after finalization
  • How to prepare materials to send to a birth mother so that you are competitive
  • How to talk to a birth parent in an open or semi-open adoption
  • You will fill out some basic information and decide if you would like to retain his services.

Step 2: Activated

Once you have given us your basic information and placed David on retainer, we will immediately become available to you in your adoption journey.

Step 3: Preparation and Paperwork

At this point, David will assist you with every part of the adoption process. He will help you set up a list of your preferences and will go over information, such as typical wait times.

Profile Development

Our Web site is a great resource for birth mothers to review potential families. We encourage you to fill out as much of the biographical information as you want. The more you fill out, the more complete your profile will be and the more comfortable a birth mother will feel about you.

Home Study

In every state, a home study is required to be able to adopt a child. A home inspection will be completed and an interview with a social worker will occur.

Background Check

Your entire family will need to submit to and pass a background check before adoption can occur.

Step 4: Waiting

After you have completed all of the paperwork, we will enter your profile onto our website, and all you have to do is wait. As you wait, you can continually update your profile. If you have any questions, all of our adoptive families are given David’s cell phone number so that any concerns are addressed.

Step 5: Placement

Once you are selected as an adoptive family, David will ensure all of the paperwork is as it should be. Finally, your baby will be born and will be placed with you.

Step 6: Post Adoption Services

Once you have returned home with the baby, you will complete your post-placement visits which are required by state laws. After a certain time has passed (this depends on the state), the adoption will be final and an order or decree of adoption will be issued. At that time, you will be treated legally in all respects as if you were the biological parent(s). Ultimately, a new birth certificate will be issued naming you as the biological parent(s).