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Becoming a Birth Mother

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Birth Mothers

As a birth mother, we understand that you have a lot going through your mind. You might be considering what options are available to you. Should you parent the child? Place them for adoption? Let a family member help you raise the baby? At the Law Office of David Radis, we realize that there are many alternatives to parenting, and we want to help you choose the best plan for both you and your unborn child.

Coping with an unplanned pregnancy is difficult and can place a lot of stress on you, your family, your boyfriend, your friends, and even your baby. If you make the decision to place your child for adoption, know that you are making the most selfless decision that a mother could make. Our team will help you to find suitable parents, complete all legal documentation required, and we can help you with financial assistance for your living and medical expenses.

Types of Adoption

There are several different types of adoption that you can choose for your baby – open, closed, and semi-closed. A closed adoption is the more “traditional” style, and it is what a lot of women chose in years past. With a closed adoption, once the baby is born and handed off to the adoptive parents, you will not be given their contact information and photos, videos, messages will not be shared between the two parties. For some women, this is an ideal solution, and for others, it may not be.

Open adoptions are becoming more popular these days and they allow a birth mother and the adoptive family to get to know one another both before the birth and after. Pictures can be shared periodically throughout the child’s life, and some adoptive parents even allow the birth mother to visit with the child throughout the year. Your adoption plan will be unique to you and the family you choose for your baby.

With a semi-closed adoption, certain details may or may not be shared with the birth mother, such as the last name or address of the adoptive family. Pictures and videos may be shared, but it may be more limited.

Our team will help you to decide which type of adoption is going to be best for you and your baby.

Reasons for Choosing Adoption

  • The birth mother is a teenager and wants to finish school and live her life freely.
  • The birth father or family is not supportive of the birth mother raising the child.
  • Expenses may prove to be too much for the birth mother to handle.
  • The birth mother was raped and was not in a relationship when the child was conceived.
  • The mother is not sure if she is ready to parent a child.

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