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What if I don’t Live in California?

We can help you find a support system in your area.

Find Help in Your Area

If you are a birth mother facing an unplanned pregnancy, we can help. While we are located in Los Angeles, CA, we can meet with you and find help to locate an adoption agency or attorney in your area. We realize that birth parents may not be able to travel to California for the birth of their child, and we will be sure that you are matched with an agency or organization that will work with you each step of the way during your pregnancy and after the birth of your child.

Coping With Your Adoption After Birth

After your baby is born and placed with another family, you may feel depressed, anxious, or guilty about the decision you’ve made for your son or daughter. This is all very natural and happens in nearly all pregnancies involving placement of a child. At this time, it may be helpful for you to join support groups that specialize in unplanned pregnancies and adoption. There are likely some that already exist in your area, and we can help you to locate them.

With these support groups, you will meet with other individuals who are going through the exact same thing that you are. They are feeling what you feel. They are thinking what you think. They know the hurt that you’re experiencing. It will help you all to talk through your emotions with them so you can learn how to cope with your loss – and it is a loss! They will help you to realize that what you are feeling is natural and you will start to feel better in time.

Take one day at a time. You aren’t going to feel better overnight. You will require time to heal and process what has happened before you start feeling like yourself again. Also, if you have chosen to pursue an open adoption, talking with the adoptive parents of your baby will help quite a bit. They will be sending you images, videos, messages, and updates as your baby gets older, and this can help a lot of birth mothers feel better about the decisions that they have made for their little one.