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Support & Expenses

When a woman faces an unplanned pregnancy, her biggest worry may be having enough money to cover her medical expenses and other financial obligations. These birth mothers may have growing concerns over how they are going to be able to provide for themselves when they are on maternity leave from work or school. They may also worry that they aren’t going to have enough resources to cover doctor bills, prescriptions, vitamins, and the food, shelter, and clothing they need to stay healthy and comfortable.

At the Law Office of David Radis, we want birth mothers to know that our services are completely free to them. All expenses will be taken care of that are lawfully allowed, by the adoptive family. If you have concerns about medical bills and covering the costs of living arrangements, we want you to rest assured knowing that we will work out an adoption plan between you and the adoptive family that covers all of your questions and fears.

The adoptive family can cover:

  • Sonograms and ultrasounds
  • Lab work
  • Prenatal visits to the doctor
  • Delivery expenses
  • Hospital bills
  • Vitamin and prescriptions
  • General costs of living – food, rent, clothing, utility bills, etc.

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