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Emily and Jason

We are Emily and Jason and we are so very happy you found us! Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about who we are. We look forward to grow our family and hope that you are the person we have been waiting for. Our home is filled with laughter, music, lightheartedness, fun, creativity, and kindness. Jason has a 15 year old wonderful son named Kai who is very patient, playful, and inquisitive. We see Kai a few times a week and he lives with his mother. It is a healthy co-parenting relationship.

We are looking to expand our family and raise a child that lives with us. Our lives revolve around kids and inspiring and influencing them, as we are both art teachers for children. Sharing the experience of raising a child would bring such fulfillment to our lives.


Jason is a 46 year old tall man that wears his heart on his sleeves. He is a goofy, young at heart, and a caring person. Emily is a 37 year old compassionate woman. She is loving, generous, creative, and kind. We both were raised in California and our parents are still happily married. We have a deep connection to our families and like to get together often. We were raised with an appreciation for all different religions in spiritual homes. We value the importance of integrity, honesty, respect, healthy communication, and genuine kindness for all. Our community of friends in our town is very large so we look forward to the village of support and love they will receive from those closest to us.

Jason is a senior art teacher and met Emily through work. Jason was a preschool teacher for 20 years before becoming a full time art teacher. Emily was an art teacher at a nonprofit for 10 years and has been teaching art for 15 in California and abroad in Tanzania, Africa and Sikkim, India. We both love children and art and have dedicated our lives to providing this to our community.


We live by the ocean in a beautiful part of Central California. Our home is walking and biking distance from town and a 5 minute drive to the beach near wonderful schools and tons of activities for kids. Our home is our sanctuary with flowers and plants that we grow and garden with love.

We enjoy the outdoors, traveling, and adventures. We go swimming in oceans, rivers, and lakes as often as we can and love a good hike in the mountains. We always have a fun playlist or Jason playing his harmonicas, piano, or guitar everywhere we go. Dancing and singing bring us joy.

We want more than anything to offer our child endless love and acceptance for who they are. Our child will be raised in a happy, loving, and safe environment with a foundation that will set them up for a successful future.

Thank you again for taking the time to get to know us!

With love,

Emily and Jason

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