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Adoption: Research the Love

Teen pregnancy is often discouraging, confusing, and filled with difficult choices. The desire to keep your baby and do your best is tempting for a lot of young pregnant girls. Unfortunately, age, circumstances, financial distress, and many other factors make it nearly impossible to do so successfully. We encourage adoption because it allows you the opportunity to have the future you had planned before the unplanned occurred. It also gives you the chance to be a part of your child’s life if you want and see him grow into a well cared for individual who is loved and given opportunities that wouldn’t have been available to him as the child of a single teenaged mother. I would encourage you to research not only adoption as a process, but to also read some adoption stories and see how wonderful the experience can be for both sides involved. There are hundreds of beautiful adoption stories available to you online and it is obvious that adoptive parents have a very special and close bond with the birth mothers who choose them to be parents to their children. These testimonies can go a long way in easing your mind about how adoption can be and why it may be the right choice for you.

To help you get started, I wanted to share a short story that I came across recently. It is a simple and sweet letter about the adoption of her son and the decision change that the birth mother experienced, which resulted in a beautiful family being created.

You can read this inspiring story here: